Saturday, September 8, 2012


Gobblerfest is an annual Virginia Tech event that is for clubs, sports, groups, organizations, etc. to set up booths and try to get people to join. Then you realize, you've joined a dozen listserves and you're too lazy to unsubscribe so you get flooded with several emails, which doesn't quite make it worth the candy you got for free. There are local businesses that show up to try to generate traffic, and they give away free samples or free stuff and it's all fun. 
Normally it's the first Friday of the fall semester, and normally they close off a couple of roads for this, but as that area is under construction (Virginia Tech: Under Construction since 1872), they had it on the Drillfield this year, and a week later than normal. And, for some reason, it is now also a carnival. So, enjoy the photos!

The puppy had a yellow and purple bowtie

My friend Elizabeth running the Solely Swing booth
and demonstrating

My friend Francesca in her garb for her booth

Jesus and Tyler very happy over Chem Club silly putty

Chem Club deep-freezing a marshmallow

HokieBird doing the wobble dance. Video later

Just a person in a panda costume.

At the top of the ferris wheel

The HokieBird is at the top of the ferris wheel

New Digs and Blacksburg Farmers' Market

Well, I am moved in to the brand-spankin'-newly-renovated West Ambler Johnson hall. Everything was all pristine and pretty and ... well ... needed some sci-fi nerdy flair.
Welcome to my office.
To the right is my art nouveau-inspired women of Firefly posters.
It contains my hutch that Jennifer and I painted and is covered with quotes. And on a lower shelf is the plushie in the shape of pi that Jen gave me for my birthday.
Other than that, a lot of books and movies and other random projects, like the thousand origami paper cranes Jen and I are currently working on. I should probably mention we now share a dorm room, and so far, we're bonded at the hip.
And my bed is lofted, so it's right over my desk, but it's nice and outer space inspired, with a Doctor Who poster and an Adipose plushie.
I have my scientist corner, with a mushroom-shaped chalkboard for my math equations and a Gorgonist print.
Just because I want to brag, here's my latest spoil from the library, a collection of Sherlock Holmes that was printed in 1894. It's so cool.
And from China, my name written in characters.
Good news about my new residence hall is that it has a mini gym on the first floor, so when it gets bone-chillingly cold in a couple of weeks, I won't even have to go outside to sweat.
But sometimes, I go out in the hall and see random guys sprawled out on the floor.
Then again, Jen and I stay in. And she gives herself French manicures. I never said this blog post made sense.
Now, pictures of the farmer's market, and other favorite haunts in Blacksburg.

Oh, and while Jen, Kelsey and I were walking back to our dorms, we ran into a hot guy with an adorable ten-week-old Rottweiler puppy who was on his first outing. That was enough to make us happy for the rest of the day. And the puppy sniffed my dahlias!

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